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Oct 10

Devonshire Mark AGM – PGM ticks another box!

Posted by Martin Grahame-Dunn under News

On the 7th October, VW Bro.Gareth Hughes and I attended the Devonshire Mark AGM, at which our Provincial Grand Master, Roger Mac, was the senior visiting PGM present. It was the first time during his five years as our PGM that he had had the privilege of being the senior visitor present and, as he said, it was another box he could tick as his tenure as our PGM draws to an end. 

He has been a longstanding friend of R.W.Bro. Peter Balsom, the Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire, and as a mark of that friendship, instead of the traditional bottle of Plymouth gin, he was presented with a rather lovely bouquet of flowers to take back to Freda.

It was a fitting end to a very enjoyable morning and lunch with our Devonshire brethren and their visitors from around the country.

W.Bro.Mike Saxon