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May 6

Forthcoming Lodge Meetings

Posted by Martin Grahame-Dunn under Meetings Schedule

Forthcoming Lodge Meetings – visitors are ALWAYS WELCOME – just contact the Secretary / Scribe:

Central Keystone Mark 744 – 7th May @ Erdington (change of date and venue) – To receive a paper entitled “Old Mark”. Contact Secretary W.Bro. Bob Croxall on bob_croxall@yahoo.com

Mancetter Mark 1883 – 8th May @ Atherstone – Presentation of the Mark Lecture. . Contact Secretary W.Bro. Roger Sargent on sargentrw@btinternet.com

Royal Air Force Mark 1774 – 12th May @ Knowle – Advancement of Simon David Butler. Contact Secretary W.Bro. Chris Brown on c.brown2@btinternet.com

Bedford Charity RAM No 115 – 13th May @ Stirling Road – A paper entitled “Following in Noah’s Footsteps”. Contact Scribe W.Bro. Mike Saxon on mike.saxon7@gmail.com

Peace and Unity Mark 1066 – 16th May @ Stirling Road – A short history of the Lodge. Contact Secretary W.Bro. Gordon Duckham on gfduckham@hotmail.co.uk

Concord RAM No 735 – 16th May @ Severn Street – Installation of Bro Gavin Cumberland as Commander.  Contact Scribe W.Bro. Roger Smith on rsmith735@gmail.com

Rugby Mark No 776 – 19th May @ Rugby – Installation of Bro Gordon Ferguson as Master.  Contact Secretary W.Bro. Joe Rainbow on enquiries@jwrconstruction.fsnet.co.uk

Howe Mark TI – 20th May @ Stirling Road – Advancement of Michael William Cooper. Dinner at the St Paul’s Club, St Paul’s Square, Birmingham. Contact Secretary W.Bro. Nigel Clemson on r.n.clemson@sky.com

Athol RAM No 174 – 20th May @ Stirling Road – Installation of Bro John Emms as Commander. Contact Scribe W.Bro. Roger Sargent on sargentrw@btinternet.com

Progress Mark 1746 – 22nd May @ Erdington – Summons not yet received . Contact Secretary W.Bro. Roger Sargent on sargentrw@btinternet.com

Machen RAM No 698 – 28th May @ Stirling Road – Installation of Commander. Contact Scribe W.Bro. Mike Burman on mikeandjo@michaelburman.co.uk

Shakespeare RAM No 40 – 29th May @ Warwick – Elevation of Mark George Holmes and Installation of Bro Paley Panesar as Commander. Contact Scribe W.Bro. Phil Bennett on papyrusscribe@gmail.com