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Like London buses!!!!! – Concord Mark Installation 1st December 2017

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Concord Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 735 – 1st December 2017

It’s always special to see a newly invested Provincial Grand Master in action and those brethren who braved the traffic on a recent Friday evening were suitably rewarded.  RWBro Phil Wills was presiding at his first installation as ‘The Boss’ at Concord Lodge No 735.  It is perhaps not usual to have another RWBro present as Warwickshire is blessed with now having no less that three PProvGMs who are still active in the Mark.  What made this meeting so very special was that they were all present to see RWBro Phil in action – no pressure!!

The Worshipful Master with The Prov.GM and three Past Prov.GM’s

It was a delight to see so many present with an excellent turnout of Provincial Officers as well as a number of visitors.  The traffic did take its toll as a number of brethren were a little late including the guest organist, WBro Mike Grillage, who entered the lodge as he’d stepped out of his car – wearing his coat and carrying his case – before heading straight to his instrument.  He’d missed the opening but certainly made up for lost time with a great number of suitable musical interludes during the ceremony and at the Festive Board.


The newly Installed WM flanked by the Prov.GM and his Assistant

The Worshipful Master, WBro Jonathan Amies, ably assisted by WBro Joe McCollum, installed his successor. WBro Barry Kavanagh in delightful and sensitive way.  The new Master dealt with the rest of the business with aplomb culminating with the acceptance of a certain RWBro Roger Mac as an honorary member – hence the possibly unusual circumstances of having the new PGM and his immediate predecessor at the same meeting so soon after his investiture.  It’s perhaps nice to see convention being suitably amended to allow such an honour being invested on RWBro Roger.

The convivial atmosphere continued at the Festive Board.  The fayre was up to the usual high Severn Street standard and the lodge almoner, the irascible WBro Cedric Stiles, was up to his usual tricks.  He presided over a raffle, the proceeds of which would go towards the presents given to the lodge widows.  He provided a special, surprise prize that was won by the newly invested lodge DC who was more than a little cautious when opening it.  He didn’t need to worry as WBro Cedric had provided him with 6 eggs, 8 sausages and a couple of potatoes!!

The newly Installed WM with W.Bro. Cedric Styles

All in all, an excellent meeting which was enjoyed by all present.   The cherry on top?  Well, after a year without a candidate, the new Master was pleased to announce a candidate for advancement at the next meeting.  That should prove to be splendid night too so if you are free on Friday 2nd February, a warm welcome will be waiting for you at Concord Lodge.

W.Bro.Simon Grove