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Lodges & Meeting Places

All months with an * next to them indicate the month of an installation meeting

+ The Town Hall, High Street, Alcester B49 5AE

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Signa Bene Mark No.1501   2nd Tuesday January, September, 3rd Tuesday March & *June

Signa Bene RAM No.1501   2nd Tuesday January & November, 3rd Tuesday *July

+ The Masonic Hall, 106 Long Street, Atherstone CV9 1AN

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Mancetter Mark No.1883   2nd Thursday May, 1st Thursday June, 3rd Wednesday *December

The entrance to the Masonic Hall is on Long Street. Visitors should contact the Lodge Secretary for the access instructions.

Free parking is available in the Woolpack Way car park, 50 metres South-east of the entrance to the Masonic Hall, on the south side of Long Street. Entry to the car park is from Woolpack Way only; it is no entry from Long Street. Parking at the rear of the Masonic Hall is restricted to residents only.

+ Handsworth Masonic Centre, 25 Wretham Rd, Birmingham B19 1ED

Howe & Athol Mark TI   3rd Tuesday *January, March, September & November

Temperance Mark No.629   1st Friday *March & May

Temperance RAM No.629   1st Friday *March & May

Remembrance Mark No.1256   3rd Tuesday February*, April & October, 1st Tuesday December

Remembrance RAM No.1256   2nd Monday *September 3rd Tuesday October & February

Machen Mark No.698 4th Thursday March & November, 4th Wednesday *September

Machen RAM No.698 4th Thursday *March & November

+ The Apollo Hotel, 243 - 247 Hagley Road, Birmingham B16 9RA

Bedford Charity Lodge of RAM No.115    2nd Tuesday March, May & *November

+ The Masonic Hall, Severn Street, Birmingham B1 1QG (0121 643 0545)

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Charity Mark No.430   3rd Wednesday September, 2nd Wednesday December, 4th Thursday February & *April

Concord Mark No.735   1st Friday February, April, October & *December

Concord RAM No.735   1st Friday March, 3rd Friday *May & November

Hertford Military & St.Paul’s Mark No.408   2nd Thursday January, *March & October

Hertford Military & Athol RAM No.408   2nd Thursday October, January & April

Holte Mark No.1041   2nd Monday February *April & October

Matthew Clarke Mark No.1012   2nd Saturday February, April, *October & November

Matthew Clarke RAM No.1012   2nd Saturday February & April, 1st Saturday *December

St Martin’s Mark No.959   3rd Thursday January, March, *September & November

Car Parking is available from 5:00 pm onwards in the Singers Hill Synagogue Car Park in Blucher Street, a two minute walk from the Severn Street Masonic Hall. Access through the barrier into the car park is via a security code available from your host’s Secretary or the Steward of the Masonic Hall, who will also provide details of procedures to follow.

+ Yenton Masonic Hall, 73 Gravelly Hill North, Erdington, Birmingham (0121 373 0417)

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Yenton & Central Keytone Mark No.719   1st Monday March, June & *November

Yenton & Central Keytone RAM No.719   4th Thursday *October, 1st Monday March & June

Progress Mark No.1746 (Daytime Lodge)   4th Thursday May, 3rd Thursday July & 2nd Thursday *September

Ronald Albutt Mark Mo.1818 (Provincial Stewards)   1st Tuesday March & *September

+ Coventry Masonic Hall, 165 Warwick Road, Coventry CV3 6AU (024 7650 1475)

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Coventry Mark No.1811   4th Tuesday Apr, 1st Monday June, 3rd Wednesday *September

+ Guys Cliffe Masonic Rooms, Guy's Cliffe, Warwick

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Thomas Arthur Wood Mark No.1737   2nd Monday *December, February, 3rd Monday July

Thomas Arthur Wood RAM No.1737   2nd Monday February, *November & 3rd Monday July

+ Solihull Masonic Centre, Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull (07983 954098)

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Silhill Mark No.972   4th Thursday January, March, *September & November

Silhill RAM No.972   4th Thursday January, March, November & 1st Monday *October

+ Masonic Rooms, Victoria House, Willes Road , Leamington Spa (01926 421048)

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Seymour Mark No.606   Last Tuesday January, March, *September & November

Seymour RAM No.606   Last Tuesday January, March, September & *November

+ Masonic Buildings Nuneaton Ltd, 12 Newdegate Place, Nuneaton CV11 4EZ (024 7638 2177)

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The Harry Wilson Mark No.1574   2nd Monday *January, March & November

The Harry Wilson RAM No.1574   3rd Wednesday *February, 2nd Monday March & November

Use the car park which is accessed from and situated to the east of the Masonic rooms. The Entrance to the car park is at the junction of Bond Gate / Bond Street and Leicester Road (One-way from Leicester Road). Other roads near the Masonic rooms are pedestrianised.

Do not use the local multi-storey car parks; they close at 8:00pm.

+ The Masonic Hall, Church Walk, Rugby (01788 542357)

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Rugby Mark No.776   3rd Monday January, March, *May & November

Rugby RAM No.776   3rd Monday January, March, 3rd Friday *September

+ The Masonic Hall, Great William Street, Stratford Upon Avon (01789 664411)

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Cyril Batham Mark No.1844   1st Friday *January, 3rd Friday April, 2nd Wednesday October

+ The Masonic Hall, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield (0121 354 4905)

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Vessel St Christopher’s Mark No.757   4th Monday *September, 4th Tuesday January, March & November

Vessel RAM No.757   4th Tuesday *February, March, September & November

+ Alderson House, 23 High Street, Warwick (01926 492286)

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Shakespeare Mark No.40 TI   2nd Tuesday *January, March, October & November

Shakespeare RAM No.40   2nd Tuesday November & last Thursday *May

Bedford Mark No.115   1st Monday *February, April, October & December