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Feb 9

Meetings of Interest

Posted by Martin Grahame-Dunn under Meetings Schedule

The following meetings take place i the coming weeks and you can be sure of a warm welcome if you elect to attend. Just book yourself in with the Lodge Secretary.

Wednesday 11th February – Athol Lodge of MMM, No. 174 – Installation of Bro. Alan Reeves at Stirling Road. Contact Mike Hogarth at mikehogarth@aol.com

Saturday 14th February – Matthew Clarke Lodge of MMM, No. 1012 – Ladies to Dine at Severn Street. Contact Paul Mason at pf.mason@btopenworld.com

Wednesday 18th February – The Harry Wilson Lodge of RAM. No. 1574 – Installation of W. Bro Frank Green. Contact David Hopkins at david.hopkins5@sky.com

Thursday 19th February – St Paul’s Lodge of MMM, No. 870 – Ther Mark Lecture at Stirling Road. Contact Geoff Harris at harrisgeoff@hotmail.com