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Nov 26

Obituaries 2016 -2017

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At our Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting on November 18th 2017, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master give collective tribute to our dearly departed Brethren. Since our last meeting the following brethren have been called to the Grand Lodge Above:

W,Bro. U.O.E. Schirrmacher, P.Prov.G.S.O., died 13 November 2016, aged 76

Known as ‘Sherry’, he was a former member of Athol Mark No 174, and Ronald Albutt Mark Lodge No 1818. He was also a Past Commander of Athol RAM No 174.

W.Bro. R.W. Boots, P.G.S.D., died 6 January 2017, aged 78

Bob’s progressive illness meant that, in recent years, he had to give up full membership of his lodges, and was made a Honorary member in Concord Mark, and RAM No 735, Vesey St Christophers Mark No 757 and Vesey RAM No 757. He retained his membership of the Warwickshire Installed Mark Masters No 1400 and Installed Commanders No 1400 until just 2 months before his death.

Bro. A.W. Smith, died 29 January 2017, aged 94

A former member of Concord Mark and RAM lodges, No 735. Alf was Advanced in 2009 at the age of 87, and was Elevated into Concord RAM on his 90th birthday.

W.Bro. D.T. Webb, P.Prov.G.Swd.B., died 1st March 2017, aged 87

‘Danny’ was a former member of Concord Mark and RAM lodges No 735. Having been through the Chair in both, be became a Tyler in the Province, and was a Serving Brother in several lodges.

W.Bro. W.E. Beesley, P.Prov.G.J.W., died 15 April 2017, aged 81

Ted was a member of Holte Mark for 44 years, many of which were as Treasurer. He was made a Honorary Member two years before his death.

W.Bro. J.A. Burgheim, P.G.St.B., died 29 April 2017, aged 69

Axel was Advanced into Concord Mark Lodge No 735 in 1995, and Elevated into Concord RAM No 735 in 1996. He lived in Germany at the time! He went on to join Mark and RAM lodges in Germany.

W.Bro. S. Prestridge, P.Prov.G.M.O., Died 19 May 2017, aged 90

In recent years, Stan’s mobility declined, and he left his lodges, retaining membership only of the Warwickshire Installed Mark Masters No 1400. He had previously been a member of Bromsgrove Mark Lodge No 1334, Remembrance Mark Lodge No 1256, The Ronald Albutt Mark Lodge no 1818, and Concord RAM No 735.

V.W.Bro. G.C. Hooker, P.G.M.O., died 7 June 2017, aged 92

Geoffrey was active in many Orders and achieved high rank in all of them. In recent year his eyesight declined, and he moved into a care home where he was well looked after. Eventually he lost his sight altogether, but he retained a sharp wit, and liked nothing better than to receive visitors and reminisce about the ‘good old days’.

R.W.Bro. C. Woodward, P.Prov.G.M. (Worcs), died 20.june 2017, aged 86

Rising through the ranks in his home Province of Worcestershire, Colin was the Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire from 1998 to 2005. It was during this time that he became a Joining Member of Ronald Albutt Mark Lodge No 1818, as well as being Honorary in Coventry Mark and RAF Mark. Who can forget those magic moments at festive boards, with R.W.Bro. Colin playing the piano, and R.W.Bro. David Hooker, PGM (Warks) singing the Masters Song, only to plant a kiss on the top of the head of the unsuspecting Master.

W.Bro. B. Sherman, P.G.S.D., died 21 July 2017, aged 80

Barry had struggled with his health for the last few years, but throughout remained cheerful and positive. He remained a member of his three Mark lodges and three RAM lodges to the end. Hertford Military Mark and Ram No 408, All Saints Mark and RAM No 1462 and the Installed Mark Masters and Commanders lodges No 1400 all benefited enormously from his contribution to those lodges.

W.Bro. A.R. Taylor, P.Prov.G.J.W., died 21 July 2017, aged 82

Anthony was Advanced into Seymour Mark Lodge No 606 in 1980, and Elevated into Seymour RAM Lodge in 1982. He was made a Honorary Member in both lodges in 2013. He was also a member of Mark and RAM in Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

W.Bro. C. Bryan, P.G.J.D., died 4 September 2017, aged 86

Colin resigned all his freemasonry two years before he died, due to declining health. He had been Advanced in Yenton Mark Lodge No 719 in 1974, and was a member of Hertford Military Lodge No 408, and the Warwickshire Installed Mark Masters 1400 for many years. In the RAM, he was Elevated in Yenton Ram No 719 in 1976, and had been a member of Hertford Military Ram No 408, and the Installed Commanders Lodge No 1400.

Bro. B. Laird, P.Prov.G.M.O., died 8th September 2017, aged 90

Ben was Advanced in Seymour Mark in 1981, and was made a Honorary Member in 2013. He was Elevated in Seymour RAM in 1990, and was made a Honorary Member on 2013. He had moved to Dorset around 2008 and joined a Mark lodge there.

V.W.Bro. B.F.G. Stapley, P.G.J.O., died 21 September 2017, aged 80

Originally a Surrey mason, Brian moved to the Midlands, joining Holte Mark in 1999, and was a Founder of Remembrance RAM in 1998. When his health began to decline, he moved with his daughter to live in Majorca. He was District Grand Treasurer in Spain for many years. He was made a honorary member of Holte Mark in 2014

V.W.Bro. A.D. Morris, P.G.J.O., died 31st October 2017, aged 76

Well known in the Craft from his time as Provincial Grand Director of ceremonies, Allan was Advanced in Charity Mark in 1971, and Elevated in Central Keystone RAM in 1977. He subsequently joined other Mark and RAM lodges, but in recent years due to declining health, he had left active masonry, becoming Honorary in some of his lodges.

We cherish their memory in our hearts and until we are all reunited in those immortal mansions whence all goodness emanates.

W.Bro.Mike Saxon – Deputy Provincial Grand Master