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Feb 18

The Harry Wilson Royal Ark Mariners Lodge 1754 – Latest Poem!

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Installation at Nuneaton Masonic Hall

Wednesday 17th February 2016 – Worshipful Commander Christopher Simon Brown


Our Worshipful Commander is one named Christopher Brown

Easily recognised deep in thought wearing a frown

Concerned for the well being and welfare of others

Who he considers to be most worthy brothers


Seeking as ever to ensure all goes well on the night

Taking comfort when it does it being a most welcome sight

Always striving for the pinnacle of perfection

A leader by example our informed perception


Married to Christine the love of his life

A lovely lady a most supportive wife

Who encourages Chris in every way

To enjoy his Freemasonry and to have a nice day


Well it has to be said Chris looks good here tonight

A night of enjoyment when most things went right

Wearing a smile at this festive board at long last

All worries gone his frown a thing of the past


A year with Brother Chris as Commander will surely be fun

In fact tonight proves the point the fun has already begun

So brethren let us all rise and join in this most important toast

To our worthy Commander Christopher Simon Brown our Host


W T Clark – Prov.RAMGR